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We've been farming our Colorado Sunburst Anemones for a while and we've finally got some more of our Ki lineaged Colorados! This is a stunning specimen that is so bright it almost GLOWS! But act fast because our last one didn't last long!


How have you used eggcrate in or around your aquarium?

  • Aquarium lid

    Votes: 60 33.9%
  • Frag rack

    Votes: 94 53.1%
  • Skimmer stand

    Votes: 60 33.9%
  • Sump Divider

    Votes: 36 20.3%
  • Other (please describe in the discussion)

    Votes: 28 15.8%
  • I have not used eggcrate in or around my aquarium

    Votes: 41 23.2%

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