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Jul 21, 2019
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So i guess it is time for me to start my tank build even though the tank has been setup 14 months now.
I will tell you that i started all this on a budget. I went cheap in some areas and used in almost every area imaginable. Lighting, i have the 48 in Reefbreeders Photon v1. Extremely nice light, don't care for the controller and how you have to set them up, but most of the time lights are set and forgotten about anyways so......yeah. Lights were bought used.
Tank is a used 110 gallon, nothing special. It wasn't reef ready so i bought two Fuji Overflow boxes and drilled the back of the tank to install them. I have redone the plumbing once because i didn't like how noisy it was. The Fuji overflow boxes leaked when i first hooked them up and when i redid the plumbing. No big deal, both times i fixed them. Now you can barely hear water going through them.
I have three gyre wavemakers. I have one on each end of the tank installed horizontally, and one on the back of the tank installed vertically. Two jebao's and an icecap. Icecap bought used and the two jebao's bought new.
Lets go to the sump. I bought the sump for like 50 bucks, was a steal. Never been used. Brand spanking new. The catch, during shipping to the lfs that i work part time at(which is where all my used equipment, fish, and corals come from), the box that the sump came in got dropped and the bottom right front corner got broken. The sump is a Proclear Aquatics 40 gallon sump, very nice. All i had to do was repair the corner, which i did and not a leak one and it has been running for almost 2 years now.
I have some off name dc return pump capable of 3000 gallons an hour( i run it on 50% most of the time). It was a steal at 30 bucks, runs great.
Protien skimmer i have an Eshopps s300 that i got for helping a guy move a tank(the redsea reefer that was the 200 gallon).
Here is the kicker, hooked into this system is a 45 gallon reef ready seapora low profile(frag) tank. The 45 gallon was running a year before the 110 got set up and i moved everything from it to the 110. It has no light over it at all. Completely dark. Still has water flowing through it with a fluval wavemaker.
The last item is a work in progress and has been for a year now, but i will get into that at a later post. By for now and happy reefing.
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