Coral choice and placement for 35G

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Jul 30, 2021
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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has any input as to my current coral stocking plan, I'm mostly gonna be sticking with LPS and softies and later down the line I'll probably add an "easy SPS" like pink cauliflower pocillopora or montipora Capricornus. I'm slightly worried that the euphylias on the right are going to sting the nearby corals, especially the Ricordia Florida and the GSP on the back wall. I've tried to keep the more peaceful corals on the big rock in the middle, and isolate the aggressive or fast growing ones to islands. I'm also not sure if the Rhodactis will look weird on the vertical rock stick thing, or if I should swap it with the cyphastrea onto the shell. I'm open to any CC or suggestions for coral additions/removals/placement changes, I think the "peaceful" rock in the middle might be a bit bare.

My tank started up in April and I added a GSP around a month ago that seems to be doing fine, so I'll probably go get a couple more coral this weekend, maybe a hammer and a rhodactis or ricordia.


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