Coral Placement... Tricky Torch


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Aug 13, 2020
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Lino Lakes
So Black Friday got the best of me, and I purchased a coral that has long been my favorite - the torch coral. (And yes I know that impulse buys aren’t exactly ideal in this hobby.)

It wouldn’t be an issue, except for the fact that I have a 10g cube, and I went for more of a minimalist scape with 1 interesting centerpiece rock and a few small filling pieces, as opposed to the classic massive pile of rocks. This leaves me with relatively little space for placement given my current coral layout. However, I figured I’d be able to move things around in order to accommodate something I’ve always admired in others’ tanks.

Below are some pictures of my current layout. (Ignore the hair algae, either the dry rock has been leaching phos or my RODI unit may be shot - an incoming TDS meter will tell me.) Many of my frags are still on the sand for me to decide what to do. I don’t want to move the rocks around too much, as I appreciate the circular flow in structure, but I’d be open to ideas. I have another smallish dry rock to play with if need be.

Right now I see two possibilities for the torch - either on the upper right or left ridge of the main rock.

I’m currently leaning to the left side, where the little zoa bunch would have to move, as would a Xenia branch or two. I could move the leather mushroom up to the right upper ridge, and replace it with either the acans or start a lil mushroom garden.

If placed on the upper right ridge, I could always lower the Duncan so it would’ve get burnt - that’s my main worry as the corals would grow.

Any thoughts? I’m starting to get restless with all the frag clutter in the sand, but want to do things carefully as superglue is involved lol.

58032C77-894C-4175-83F2-6648558FAE88.jpeg F8F8BF7B-AB61-472D-9DB5-036D4A805800.jpeg 3ED99682-EAEE-4551-94E3-23806562353E.jpeg


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Apr 14, 2010
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hampton roads, va
I have a frogspawn spawn (same family) and similar single island. I have mine up high hanging off the island despite the fact it's not a high light coral. I know it's not the best spot but I put it where I felt it looked good and let it adapt


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