Count Percula of Melanesia!

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Jun 29, 2022
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Melanesian Super Black True Percula Clownfish are a great candidate for most aquariums. Even the largest adults will not need much aquarium space, tending to stick to one area or another. We suggest keeping them in 40-gallon aquariums or more. In this size, you could easily keep a large group of four of five. Bigger groups can work in larger aquariums, but more than one female may develop, and you'll want to give them distinct territories to call their own. Clowns of all sorts can be kept singly, and if this is what you're looking for in your display, the Super Black Percs will be a great candidate for this.

Super Black Percs are pretty easy to keep, in the wild, they eat just about anything that floats past their home, and this habit of sampling suspended stuff lends itself to them adjusting to sinking pellets very easily. In house, here at Quality Marine, we feed them a mix of Nutramar's Marine Complete Sinking Pellets and a mix of mysis and other thawed marine based meaty offerings from Gamma foods. They can be maintained in full vigor, color and health on these pellets alone if a hobbyist so chooses, though additional food types is never a bad idea. Click here to learn more


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