Crazing in 600 gallon


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Mar 16, 2019
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I would get nova polish and just use that
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Mar 25, 2019
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Was the tank stored outside for an extended period of time? My off the wall theories are chemical exposure, UV damage, or extended heat/cold exposure.
I wish i had an answer for you. I know at one point many years ago it was originally built and set up on a hospital somewhere out of atate.

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May 23, 2015
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I honestly have never seen crazing run that big and deep. Looks like skin stretch marks. It would seem by the pictures that you would have to remove lots of material to get to a non cracked surface. I wonder if finding a local powder coating company with a large oven would allow you to heat anneal the tank and thus remove the stress? I have a table somewhere for temp and time cycle for the differing thickness of acrylic for proper annealing cycles. I don't know if it would reverse the damage or just prevent further damage. Almost no one does heat annealing because of the added cost of the ovens and operational costs. I do have access to a local oven and have quoted the option to my customers before but everyone declines the final step due to cost. I may build a tank and have it cycled to see if it makes a difference. I always flame polished back when I built tanks as my primary business since there was no other way at the time to finish the tank. Never had complaints from customers about crazing but then again we only polished the edges and openings. Now I see tanks that are hand sanded or just left unpolished. Every step of sanding or cutting induces stress according to the engineers so not sure what to think about the subject here.

Sorry if I offended by my comments as I am just a touch sarcastic! No harm meant.

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