Critter ID - pipefish growout with daily bbs feeding.


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Jan 2, 2019
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Good morning guys, is this some kind of hydroids?

I put the pipefish to 220g tank yesterday and wanted to find out what this is before I take it down and wash everything with Citrid acid. Might have come on ulva macro (not dipped) as that was the only thing I added apart from brine shrimp eggs from bbsdirect

It did not bother baby pipefish so it doesn’t pack huge sting, that is the only thing i know, otherwise I’d burn it to the ground. Like 1/8 stalk with 1/8 head (1/4” body with up to 1/2” sweepers)

0AAFCDEB-325E-4294-BD74-676E6FD90EE7.png 5C08C912-E970-4AFA-A40F-E66872D50C24.jpeg

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