Curious Case of a Murder of One Peppermint Shrimp?



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Mar 11, 2021
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This can't happen often because I've been scouring all kinds of forums and I am reading far more posts about the opposite problem, peppermint shrimp eating BTA's or other nems. So I do know that Peppermint Shrimp like to eat anemones, because I got a couple to get rid of an new but small aiptasia problem in my tank. I really just didn't even think of or consider my BTA. I figured, let’s just see how it goes and worst case I'll put them in a different tank. I drip acclimated, etc and plopped them in. They both were really happy and really energetic, but I assume that one was dancing just a bit too close to my BTA because while I did see him walking on him occasionally, eventually I see a peppermint shrimp’s lifeless dead body next to our good friend the nem. WHODUNNIT!?! I mean in part I worry, is it my parameters? But everyone previously and now including the other shrimp have been fine and dandy. Of course immediately nassarius bros came and started cleaning up. but could have it been the nem? I also noticed when the shrimps would fly up the side of the tank, occasionally they would scare the clowns and both parties would dart away scared. I also have an emerald crab but he was far from the scene of the crime and had an algae related alibi (although he was last seen munchin on sand bits as he intensely watched nassarius clean up the crime scene. Turbo and friends were on top of a rock minding their own. The other possibility is could this have been a molt and dash, now he’s hiding out? I’m mostly just curious what other peoples experience have been nems vs. peppermint shrimp. Has anyone else even seen a nem kill a peppermint shrimp that was getting too frisky?


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Aug 11, 2013
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assure its not a molting . If you can see meat or flesh in the shell- then dead. If it looks like the shrimp but hollow or empty- Molt

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