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Oct 28, 2020
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daytona beach
Hey all! My name is Reisa, and I’m an art student and a painter who is turning to reefing with her hobby! I have started creating custom UV reactive panels thanks to @KellyCorals and a couple other customers! I am doing a special starting now for anyone interested in fish or coral art! The special is a 12 by 12 aluminum panel featuring any zoanthid of your choice- one polyp in the center! I’ve been making zoas all week and working on my current projects and I thought I would offer some up to you guys! You’ll get a custom painting tailored to what you’re looking for, and you have lots of options on how the art will react to your reef tank lights! (For example- there are fluorescents, UV reactive paints, glow in the darks, etc. We can do some really creative stuff with so many options! I only have a few slots available so if you’re interested please let me know and I’ll start designing right away! The price for the special is 175 including shipping! I also will soon have other fun accessories for sale, such as neon-dipped tongs and coral viewers, if anyone wants those as well!

below I have posted a couple pictures of some projects I’m working on- don’t judge too harshly because nothing is finished just yet but I’m very excited! If you want to work with me to make something awesome, let me know! Don’t be afraid to reach out if you have an idea that you want drawn up!

BDB140A0-B939-4C5F-BF1F-C3E2F3FCD91A.jpeg 86419DDA-FCDA-4F02-A586-343C2C4B4559.jpeg CEA0C58E-6EA5-4D23-92DA-652ED0F91EBF.jpeg EA95E7DB-BD26-4A6D-802C-0D83E57B5752.jpeg 239437D3-5DBE-454A-9B9C-90921AFD675F.jpeg 0215A230-DCC8-40A4-8A56-F0E859620453.jpeg 84BF83DA-23BD-4D09-867B-9929BE80FB47.jpeg 12F9CF2F-EB0A-4D70-A25D-3352F76FA303.jpeg

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