Cycling and Live Rock Questions


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Aug 9, 2021
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I am hoping someone can help me answer my questions. This is for a 25G nano tank. I have made a dry rock aquascape from marco rock. My plan to cycle the tank was to get bottle bacteria like Dr. Tim's or Fritz dosing ammonia. Originally, I planned on getting live reef rock from KP Aquatics, but I got a bit carried away with my dry rock aquascape and can no longer even fit the 10lb package. Since live reef rock isn't an option anymore and I wanted to increase biodiversity/speed up the cycle, I was planning on getting some live rock from my LFS.

1. When should I put in the live rock from LFS? At the start of the cycle when I put in my bacteria?

2. When should I start my refugium? After the cycle is complete or wait some time after? I am planning on ordering a package from IPSF.

Appreciate any advice/help

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