Decomm Sale - DIY Led, Eheim & Water Change Pumps, and more

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Orphek OR3 reef aquarium LED bar
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Feb 4, 2021
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Located in Louisville, Colorado (80027).

Selling because I decommissioned my 125-gallon saltwater tank after an extended power outage.

All items are working and fully functional unless noted otherwise. Most items were purchased in 2018 or 2019 and decommissioned at the end of 2021. Prices with shipping are for CONUS.

If an item is still listed in this first post, it is still available. I typically provide shipping discounts for multiple items.

BRS Dual Media reactor (GFO & Carbon) $35 plus shipping (PM me with zip code for shipping cost)
Comes with new o-rings installed.

BRS Dual Junction pH Probe - $25 including shipping
Always kept in storage solution when not in use
Calibrates fine - after calibration a pH 4 solution reads as 3.98 and a pH 7 solution reads as 7.02 on my Apex.

Cobalt MJ400 Pump $20 including shipping
Works perfectly

Cobalt MJ1200 Pump $25 including shipping
Works great.

Photo coming soon

LifeReef Mazzei Venturi - $60 including shipping
Works great. Removed when I sold my LifeReef and the buyer didn't have space for it.

Avast Marine Works Swabbie Skimmer Neck Cleaner- $80 including shipping
Works perfectly. Great for minimizing skimmer maintenance. Includes the micro size wiper for 1.5" - 2.7" skimmer neck diameters. Other sizes are available from Avast. If you don't want to drill your existing lid, you can order a lid directly from Avast for $25 (6") or $35 (8").

Avast Spyglass Small with Sicce Nano $95 including shipping

This media reactor is the best one ever made. This model has a small footprint but still holds a lot of media and allows you to mix different media in the same reactor. You don't need to worry about media clumping or your GFO turning into a rock.

Sweet deal! Over $200 new

Library of Reefing Books - $95 for all including shipping

Plankton Culture Manual - Sixth Edition Snell /Hoff

Reef Invertebrates - Calfo / Fenner

The Conscientious Marine Aquarist: A Commonsense Handbook for Successful Saltwater Hobbyists - Bob Fenner

The Coral Reef Aquarium: From Inception to Completion - Vargas / Sprung

Marine Aquarium Reference - Martin Moe

The Reef Aquarium Vol 3 Delbeek / Sprung

Tunze Silence 1073.008 - Practically New- $30 including shipping

Eheim Compact 1000 (1002) Pump - $23 including shipping
This pump is a classic. Unlike the newest versions, this is completely bulletproof.


4 sets of Truelumen LED Lunar (Moon) Lights - 12 lights in total with a power supply- $40 including shipping
453nm Actinic Blue

2 x Titanium grounding probes (Vertex & Ridvolt) - both for $15 including shipping

Brine Shrimp Hatchery, 3 Misc Sieves, Mercer of Montana 4" 53 micro zooplankton sieve - all for $20 plus shipping (Contact me with your zip code for shipping cost)

Includes the easiest brine shrimp hatchery available (great results without a pump), 3 sieves, and the Mercer of Montana pro sieve sized for rotifers and above.

Sicce 1.5 - $38 including shipping
Works great. Also includes a 3/8 NPT to Push Connect adapter.

Rapid Led 24" DIY Heatsink / Mounting / Splashguard / Fan- make me an offer

Enough space & cooling for up to 20 CREE Leds.



Tunze Osmolator 3152 Nano - sold
Neptune Orange Label Apex Classic Controller with BRS Dual Junction pH probe & Neptune temp probe. - sold
Jebao RW-4 x 2 - both sold
Polyplab Coral View Lens Set - sold
Neptune PMUP Pump - sold
Alternative Reef Ceramic Magnetic Rocks - sold
Neptune Breakout Box - sold
Tunze Osmolator 3155 - sold
LifeReef SVS3-24- sold
Jebao SOW20 - sold
GEO SMC415 & 612 - sold
2 x Apex Break Out boxes - sold
Avast Breakout box - sold
I’ll buy the spyglass
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