Do new coral additions stress out other corals?


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Nov 6, 2020
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Hello fellow reefers!

My question is this:
I notice whenever I dunk my hand into the tank to place new corals and rearrange either the rock work or corals that a lot of them start to close up or show signs of stress (sinularia leather, goniopora, torch, and a select few SPS).
I believe Zoanthids, palys, and leathers release toxins when irritated (which is negated by activated carbon), however when I added a huge monti colonyinto my tank, I noticed a lot of corals were looking stressed out due to the sudden change in placement.

Is the irritation of the corals due to the new additions and their induced stress slime coat or is it just simply due to me touching/moving them around?

Haven’t had to rearrange the rock work or corals much for a while so the corals have been in their spot for quite a while and their “ticked off” state just caught me by surprise.

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