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Apr 6, 2019
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hi. i am going to treat my DT with coppersafe and just wanted to confirm with someone the dosing amounts. tanks is 210 and and sump is 40. sump is pretty full, id guess 30 gallons in there. baffles are 10".

so with the rock, im guesstimating my gallons are about just over 200. i know the rock will suck up copper so i'll have to keep an eye on it

i have the API copper test kit so i can keep an eye on it to be sure, but i'll start the treatment at 200g. they started showing signs of ich 2 days ago. everybody eating but tangs are fighting more.

i want to do a 5 day build up.

but the instructions dont make sense

it says 4ml per 5g BUT the bottle also says 473ml treats 378

could be something off on conversion but if i do a ratio? 4/5 does not equal 473/378.. when i divide 473 by 378 and then multiply that product by 5, i do not get 4. is my math wrong or?

ok anyway, i'll stick 4/5 right now. so im getting 160 ml for 200g. break that down to 5 days and im at 32 ml/day x 5

is that alright? would you skip testing until day 4?

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