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Sep 8, 2018
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Shelbyville, KY
Frag Rack Tier system.

Sunday 10/3/21 I decided to try to eliminate my detritus from the bottom of my SPS Acro Tank.

Orginally I had the same frag racks used in my zoanthid tanks that has a 45degree slope. I have found for me that the slope does not work and as the acroporia grow they just fall over when using tiles.

So I decided to do away with that system and have the corals with their tiles just laying on the bottom glass pane. For me what I learned was yes it was eaiser to clean up the detritus but it would also gather on the base of the Acroporia and choking the surrounding tissue.

Once agian, went to the drawing board and decided to make a tier system my first rack is 3" from the water line so very shallow I plan on using this for small frags. And each rack gets a little deeper for bigger corals.

I had to go so close to the surface because I purchased a big Maxflow 2642gph and needed room to adjust it. Its blowing against the bottom 100% of the time. My glass bed on the bottom is spotless now.

And I have two Max flows 1321GPH on the right hand side mounted on the glass. I believe for the time being I have enough flow in this tank.

What I'm hoping to see by doing this. Better growth, More Colors.

As time goes I'll be able to see if this countermeasure helped with this project or if its back to the drawing board.


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