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Feb 5, 2021
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Santa Ana, California
Below is an itemized list of the items mentioned in the thread, please follow the link to check the items out and get specs for the items. Attached are some stock photos of some of the items currently available. Please be aware that products are sold as open or damaged box. They are sold as is, and warranty/support will be up to the manufacturer. Taxes will also be charged at the time of purchase. Items are marked as price prior to taxes. Let us know if you have any questions. I will update the thread as things are sold.

Return Pumps

Brand new Sunpole Magus VSR-9000V DC pump-$200 shipped
Brand new Tamm Rio 180-$10 picked up
Brand new Tamm Rio 600 3 pack-$45 shipped
Brand new Danner mag 1.5-$20 shipped
Brand new Reeflo Dart/Snapper gold hybrid-$260 shipped
Brand new Reeflo Baldor Super Dart/Snapper gold hybrid-$300 shipped
Brand new Sicce 3.5 syncra pump-$110 shipped
Brand new SIcce 0.5 syncra pump-$30 shipped
Brand new Ehiem 1260 pump-$100 shipped
Brand new Innovative Marine Mighty Jet 538-$80 shipped
Brand new Innovative Marine Mighty Jet 326-$70 shipped
Brand new Fluval SP2-$115 shipped
Brand new Current USA Eflux DC 6010-$140 shipped
Brand new Hydor Centrifugal L40-$40 shipped
Brand new Sicce 1.0 syncra-$40 shipped
Brand new Sicce Syncra Pro 3000-$90 shipped
Brand new Sicce SDC 6.0-$250 shipped
Brand new Ecotech L2-$425 shipped
Brand new Mag 18 pump-$130 shipped

Circulation pumps/wave maker pumps
Brand new Ice cap 4k pump only-$120 shipped
Brand new 1" Sea Swirl-$230 shipped
Brand new Sicce Voyager 2000 pump-$25 shipped
Brand new Hydor Smart Wave controller-$45 shipped
Brand new Hydor Koralia 1500GPH pump-$35 shipped
Brand new Hydor Koralia 1050GPH pump-$30 shipped
Brand new Eflux wave pump only 660GPH-$50 shipped
Brand new Eflux wave pump kit 660GPH-$90 shipped
Brand new Maxspect XF350 pump only-$140 shipped
Brand new Maxspect XF350 with controller-$300 shipped
Brand new Nemprotect MP40 guard-$25 shipped
Brand new Tunze 6040-$120 shipped
Brand new Maxspect XF330 pump only-$120 shipped

Brand new Reef Octopus 200 INT skimmer-$275 shipped
Brand new ASM G1-X-$200 shipped
Brand new Shark 6.0 skimmer pump-$170 shipped
Brand new Nuvo IM midsize DC skimmer-$120 shipped
Brand new ASM mini G-$100 shipped
Brand new Aquamaxx ConeS RC-3 skimmer-$340 shipped
Brand new Reef Octo Classic 100 HOB-$170 shipped
Brand new Vertex 200 lid-$20 shipped
Brand new Aqua C EV-240-$320 shipped
Brand new Aquamaxx Q-1 skimmer-$150 shipped
Brand new Bubble Magus Curve 5-$175 shipped
Brand new Aquamaxx HOB 1.5-$180 shipped
Brand new Aquamaxx Q5-$550 shipped
Brand new Nuvo IM universal DC-$
Brand new Aquamaxx Q3 skimmer $275 shipped
Brand new Vertex 200i skimmer-$300 shipped

Brand new Aquamaxx Refractometer-$25 picked up.

Brand new Via Aqua Titanium 200 watt heater with controller-$50 shipped
Brand new Finnex HMA-300S heater with controller, missing one suction cup-$25 shipped

Brand new JBJ 1/2HP 230V chiller-$1150 shipped
Brand new Aqua Euro 1/10th chiller-$475 shipped
Brand new Aquarium cooling fan (6 fans)-$50 shipped
Brand new Reef Octopus AF-120 smart fan-$30 shipped
Brand new Reef Octopus AF-80 smart fan-$20 shipped
Brane new JBJ 1/5HP chiller-$700 shipped


Brand new 36" Reefbrite lumi 50/50 missing legs -$120 shipped
Brand new Giesemann 250W DE coral bulb-$40 shipped 2 available.
Brand new AquaticLife Edge Marine Wifi 36"-$120 shipped
Brand new AquaticLife Edge Marine Wifi 48"-$130 shipped
Brand new Reefbrite Single interface controller-$75 shipped
Brand new Reefbirte LED/MH mogul hybrid fixture-$350 shipped
Brand new Hamilton Caymen DE HQI reflector with ice cap 250w-400w ballast-$200
Brand new JBJ Macrogro-$35 shipped
Hamilton Cebu Sun Lighting System - 48 Inch 2 x 175 Watt Metal Halide and 4x T5-$700 shipped
Brand new Aquaticlife 24" hybrid-$185 shipped
Brand new Aquamaxx Prism CC LED freshwater and saltwater-$50 shipped each
Brand new A80 Mini A series Gooseneck-$20 shipped
Brand new Ecotech multi light RMS Arms-$105 shipped
Brand new Ecotech Singe Arm RMS XR30 mount-$90 shipped
Brand new Kessil A360X Tuna Sun-$390 shipped
Brand new ATI 36" 4 bulb dimmable T5 light-$400 shipped
Brand new Radion XR30 Gen 5 blue-$780 shipped
Brand new Redsea Reefled 160s-$550 shipped
Brand new Redsea Reefled 160s tank mount-$60 shipped
Brand new Kessil Spectral X controller-$75 shipped
Brand new AI Hydra HMS double arm mount-$60 shipped
Brand new 2 pack of XR30 RMS slide-$30 shipped
Brand new neptune LSM module-$45 shipped
Brand new XR15 Gen 4 Radion diffuser-$40 shipped
Brand new Hydra 52 HD black-$450 shipped

Brand new Tunze PH probe-$80 shipped
Used Tunze 6091 Wave controller-$30 shipped
Brand new Reeflink-$80 shipped
Brand new Hydors Wave Engine standard-$250 shipped
Brand new Aqualogic Dual temp controller-$150 shipped
Brand new American Marine Pinpoint PH controller-$175 shipped
Brand new Neptune Apex display-$75 shipped

Brand new Aqua UV 120 Watt transformer-$275 shipped
Brand new Lifeguard QL 15watt-$130 shipped
Brand new Aqua UV 25W 3/4" with wiper-$350 shipped
Brand new Aqua UV 25W 2" without wiper-$250 shipped
Brand new Aqua UV 40W 2" without wiper-$490 shipped
Brand new Lifeguard Pro-max Amalgam- $225 shipiped
Brand new Innovative Marine 9W UV-$35 shipped
Brand new Innovative Marine 11W UV-40 shipped
Brand new Innovative Marine 10W universal UV-$75 shipped
Brand new replacement quartz sleeve for aqua uv 15 watt-$40 shipped


Brand new Aquamaxx ZR- 1 zeo reactor-$75 shipped
Brand new Ice cap Algae Turf scrubber medium-$200 shipped
Brand new Aquamaxx Standard reactor-$50 shipped
Brand new Aquamaxx FR-M-$60 shipped
Brand new Santa Monica Filtration Surf2 algae scrubber-$250 shipped
Lightly used Innovative Marine pro desktop-$40 shipped
Brand new Reef Octopus LR-150 Algae Reactor-$400 shipped
Brand new Icecap Kalk Reactor KM-200LG-$325

Brand new AquaFX Barracuda RODI with chloramine blaster-$170 shipped
Brand new Spectrapure Maxpure 90GPD-$130 shipped
Brand new Pentair GRO RO 75GPD membrane-$50 sipped
Brand new Spectrapure Maxcap RODI 180GPD manual flush-$310 shipped

Brand new Aquamaxx FSH-4D, 4" filter sock holder- $20 shipped
Brand new Trigger systems Saphhire 39 sump- $475 shipped
Brand new Ehopps RS-75 sump-$200 shipped
Brand new trigger systems Crystal 18C $230 shipped
Brand new Trigger systems Triton V2 20 cube-$380 shipped
Brand new Klir Di-4$120 shipped
Brand new 10 pack of 4" 100 micron socks-$35 shipped

Brand new Bubble Magus T2- $120 shipped
Brand new Bubble Magus T2 with bracket-$ 140 shipped
Used Eshopps 5.0 dosing container-$60 picked up
Used Eshopps 2.0 dosing container-$30 picked up
Eshopps 5.0 and 2.0-$75 for both picked up.
Brand new Kamoer F4 pro doser-$325 shipped
Brand new Neptune Dos-$275 shipped
Brand new Bubble Magus T11-$210 shipped

Brand new Tank boss ATO single float-$50 shipped
Brand new Marine Depot ATO double sensor-$75 shipped
Brand new Innovative Marine Hydrofill ATO Controller-$50 shipped
Brand new Autoaqua Smart ATO micro-$100 shipped
Brand new Neptune V1 ATO pump-$25 shipped

Brand new set of analog and digital timers-$20 shipped
Brand new Korallin Zeo spur 2 1000ml bottle- $50 shipped 2 available
Brand new 4kg seachem strontium powder formula-$20 picked up.
Brand new Reef gently XL box-$75 shipped
Brand new Neptune MPR-$30 shipped
Brand new Lily Pipes Dymax 16/22MM pipes-$50 shipped
3 pack of Brand new Marine Pure blocks$60 shipped
Brand new Gryphon XL C-40 bandsaw-$390 shipped

Brand new Innovative Marine 30L wood finish stand-$275 shipped
Brand new Fusion 20G stand APS black open-$190 shipped
Brand new Intank fusion 20/lagoon 25 cover-$30 shipped
Brand new Intank Waterbox cube 15 filter cover-$20 shipped
Brand new Intank Waterbox10 chamber 2 media basket-$30 shipped
Brand new Intank Fluval Spec Vand Evo 5 Basket-$30 shipped
Brand new Intank Fluval Evo 13.5/52L Spec 16/60L chamber 2 basket-$30 shipped
Brand new Marine Depot Standard Controller Board, black and whtie -$100 each shipped
Brand new Marine Depot Deluxe controller board, black-$200 shipped
Brand new Marine Depot Elite Medium overflow box-$80 shipped
Brand new Intank Waterbox 20 cube media basket-$40 shipped
Brand new Marine Depot Elite overflow LG-$100 shipped
Band new Innovative Marine Fusion 14 Pro Peninsula-$200 shipped $170 picked up
Brand new JBJ RL20 rimless tank-$125 picked up.
Brand new Lifeguard Temp alert-$30 shipped

Ocean direct 20lb bag-$15 picked up
Ocean direct 40lb bag-$25 picked up
Caribsea Oolitic sand 30lb-$15 picked up
Arm Coarse calcium reactor media 8lb-$15 picked up 2 available.
Caribsea Arag-Alive Hawaiian Black sand 10lb-$15 picked up

Brand new JG 1/4" 3 way ball valve 2 pack-$30 shipped
Brand new 1" true union swing check valve-$20 shipped

000000-atk-neptunesystems-c_1.jpg 21040-M.jpg 208826_vertexomega200iproteinskimmer-a_1_1.jpg 209604-ai-hydra-52-white (1).jpg AquaMaxx-ConeS-Q-3-In-Sump-Protein-Skimmer-99.jpg Maxspect-XF330-Gyre-Pump-(Pump-Only)-96.jpg Maxspect-XF330-Gyre-Pump-(Pump-Only)-99.jpg RCV25208-2.jpg 1641.jpg 16980.jpg 211271-ecotech-marine-xr15-radion-led-diffuser.jpg 211271-ecotech-marine-xr15-radion-led-diffuser-stock-no-light.jpg AI-Hydra-HMS-Mount-Double-Arm-Kit-Aqua-Illumination-99.jpg Aqua-Euro-USA-Max-Chill-1-10-HP-Aquarium-Chiller-For-Tanks-Up-To-80-Gallons-99.jpg AquaFX-Barracuda-RO-DI-System-w-Chloramine-Blaster-Upgrade-100-GPD-99.jpg AquaMaxx-ConeS-Q-5-In-Sump-Protein-Skimmer-99.jpg AquaMaxx-Fluidized-GFO-and-Carbon-Filter-Media-Reactor-Standard-99.jpg AquaticLife-Reno-WiFi-RGBW-LED-Aquarium-Light-Fixtures-with-Phone-App-20-inch-96.jpg AquaticLife-Reno-WiFi-RGBW-LED-Aquarium-Light-Fixtures-with-Phone-App-20-inch-97.jpg Aqua-Ultraviolet-UV-Sterilizer-without-Wiper-(57-Watt-3-4-Inch)-99.jpg ASM-G-1X-Protein-Skimmer-w-Sedra-3500-Pump-99.jpg ASM-Mini-G-Protein-Skimmer-w-Sicce-Needle-Wheel-Pump-99.jpg AUQA-Shield-UV-Sterilizer-Innovative-Marine-AUQA-Gadget-Desktop-9W-96.jpg AUQA-Shield-UV-Sterilizer-Innovative-Marine-AUQA-Gadget-Midsize-11W-96.jpg AutoAqua-Smart-ATO-Micro-Automatic-Top-Off-System-94.jpg Bubble-Magus-BM-T02-Dosing-Pump-Extension-99.jpg Bubble-Magus-BM-T11-Dosing-Pump-98.jpg Bubble-Magus-Curve-5-Protein-Skimmer-99.jpg ConeS-RC-3-In-Sump-Protein-Skimmer-AquaMaxx-99.jpg Coralife-Biocube-Protein-Skimmer-v2-for-Tanks-up-to-32-Gallons-99.jpg Current-USA-eFlux-6009-DC-Flow-Pump-1050GPH-99.jpg Current-USA-eFlux-Wave-Complete-Pump-Kit-660GPH-99.jpg Danner-Supreme-Aqua-Mag-18-Water-Pump-99.jpg Deluxe-Aquarium-Controller-Board-Mounting-System-with-French-Cleat-and-Power-Cords-(Black)-Mar...jpg Deluxe-Aquarium-Controller-Board-Mounting-System-with-French-Cleat-and-Power-Cords-(Black)-Mar...jpg Digital-Temperature-Controller-(Dual-Stage)-Aqua-Logic-99.jpg EcoTech-Marine-Multi-Light-RMS-Arms-97.jpg EcoTech-Radion-XR30-PRO-G5-LED-Light-99.jpg Eheim-1260-Pump-94.jpg Eshopps-RS-75-Reef-Sump-98 - Copy.jpg Filtration-Cover-for-Innovative-Marine-Fusion-20-Lagoon-25-inTank-96.jpg Fluval-Sea-SP2-Aquarium-Water-Pump-950-GPH-99.jpg Gyre-4K-(Pump-Only)-Icecap-97.jpg Hamilton-Cayman-Sun-Pendant-400-Watt-DE-HQI-20K-System-w-Electronic-Ballast-99.jpg Hamilton-Cebu-Sun-Lighting-System-48-Inch-2-x-175-Watt-10-000K-Metal-Halide-and-4-x-54-Watt-T5...jpg Hydor-Koralia-Smart-Wave-Pump-Controller-99.jpg Hydros-WaveEngine-ETM-Wireless-Multi-Pump-Controller-99.jpg IceCap-Algae-Scrubber-Medium-(60-Watt)-99.jpg IceCap-KM-200-Kalk-Mixing-Reactor-Large-99.jpg JBJ-Arctica-Titanium-Aquarium-Chiller-1-5HP-99.jpg inTank-Chamber-Two-Media-Basket-for-Fluval-Evo-12-and-13.5-Aquariums-98.jpg inTank-Chamber-Two-Media-Basket-for-Waterbox-Cube-10-99.jpg Kamoer-F4-PRO-WiFi-Dosing-Pump-(4-Channel)-96.jpg Kessil-A360X-Tuna-Blue-LED-Light-99.jpg Kessil-Spectral-Controller-X-99.jpg Klir-Filter-DI-4-Drop-In-Filter-Fleece-Roller-(4-inch)-95.jpg Marine-Depot-Elite-OverFlow-Box-w-Holesaw-Drill-Bit-Large-99.jpg Marine-Depot-Elite-OverFlow-Box-w-Holesaw-Drill-Bit-Medium-99.jpg Mighty-Jet-Pump-326-GPH-Desktop-Innovative-Marine-95.jpg
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