For sale Earl’s Fairy Wrasse, Blotchy Anthias, & Mystery Wrasse

$250.00 to $650.00
This item has been sold and is no longer available!

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I have a few higher end fish available that have gone through a 30 day quarantine with copperpower and have had 3 doses of prazipro along with being fed food mixed with metro & focus. All fish are eating hakari frozen mysis and brine shrimp and they are also eating cobalt aquatics pellets. Prices include insulated shipping box and UPS Priority Overnight Shipping with live arrival guarantee. Must send me a video of the doa fish within 1 hour of delivery inside and outside of the bag.

Earl’s Fairy Wrasse 2 1/2” $650 Shipped
Blotchy Anthias 3” $650 Shipped
Five Bar Mystery Wrasse 2 1/2” $250 Shipped

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