Earth day 2022! How did you celebrate?

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Apr 20, 2022
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At Absolutely Fish we celebrated Earth day by giving away free reusable jars and bags to our customers. Portable Environment Transport, or PET jars are reusable containers that can hold and transport fish instead of using disposable plastic bags. Although normal fish bags can be recycled, lots of recycling centers do not take them and they end up piling up in landfills and oceans. For Earth day we wanted to be conscious about the impact of fish bags, and we hope that our customers will bring the jars back and avoid more single use plastic bags ending up in our oceans. The jars can hold freshwater fish, saltwater fish, plants, and critters up to 3 inches. For fish larger than 3 inches, we have reusable buckets with lids. Don’t worry, if you missed our Earth week special, we still have pet jars available in small and large sizes and buckets!

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