Earthquake insurance questions (like soecial RIDERS)


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Feb 23, 2014
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Cincinnati Ohio
I live in Ohio. I'm not effected....heart goes out to reefers in SC if they were effected.

So I'm wondering for those who may have lost tanks, reef tanks today after the SC Earthquake.... does your STANDARD home owners insurance cover the cost of any or all damages? Can you get a replacement tank?

How it even possible to put a $value on your tank? you can estimate equip costs.... but corals replacement costs? yikes.

are insurance companies going to look the coral replacement claims and say, "yeah right buddy...."

wondering if the ONLY thing covered is the damage done to your home's floor and NOT replacing the tank.

I do know that there a CAP on claims before your home owners insurance get CANCELLED. my brother in law had two claims for a roof and a separate one for windows within a year. after the claims went through, his policy got CANCELLED. crazy

all questions I need to ask my agent if I need a special insurance CLAUSE / RIDER.

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Dec 2, 2017
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New York, NY
Quake is usually not covered under a regular homeowner policy, quake insurance is needed. The tank would be considered furniture and should be covered, some policies exclude “water filled furniture.” While that exclusion was meant for water beds I guess it could apply... equipment is a bit trickier, you’d have to read the policy, but in many cases it may be covered. My policy would pay for it although not replacement cost.

Fish and coral would not be covered. I doubt you can get a rider for that.
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