EcoTech: 2 MP60QD ; 4 MP40QD ; and Battery Backup for sale


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Aug 7, 2016
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DFW area
Selling the following:

Update: Everything is sold.

2 EchoTech Marine MP60QD's - Mid 2017 MFD (June and July). Work well with no extra noise. Will be shipped in the original boxes with spacers. ---- $350 each plus shipping.

2 Ecotech Marine MP40QD's - Mid 2017 MFD. Work well with no extra noise. One has a brand new wetside assembly still in the box (only comes with this, not this plus the old wetside). --- $180 each plus shipping. If you buy all four, I will cover shipping.

2 Ecotech Marine MP40QDs - late 2016 MFD. Work well with no extra noise. They require the replacement RFC chip sold by Ecotech in order to obtain Mobius compatibility - $160 each plus shipping. If you buy all four MP40s, I'll cover shipping.

1 Ecotech Marine Battery Backup. - $100 plus shipping

Everything shipped is $1480. I will include anemone guards if everything is purchased.

Selling due to tank breakdown.

Local Pickup is also available in DFW Texas (76116). I have several other items that I have not listed yet that are available via local pickup.

-Edited to break out the MP40QDs. two are Mobius compatible, two require the upgrade.
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