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MP10QD, Mobius,Vortech Driver Mount
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Ecotech MP10QD, Mobius Ready. Ecotech Vortech driver cradle purchased separately comes with it. I bought this new and have had it for 13 months and was used for 10 months. It's dead quiet. The dryside and wetside are in excellent condition and operate very smoothly and quietly! Original cable ties come with it as well as instruction booklet and other spacer. I recently sold the first one I had and just decided to part with this one too since I went with a GYRE. The wetside has tiny spots of Coraline on it which I tried to remove as best as possible. It does not come with the original box or foam guard as I don't know what happened to those items. The factory serial number is still on the back of the vortech driver. $10 for shipping so $250 shipped.

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