For sale Ecotech Radion XR30 G5 Blue w/ RMS Arm, Diffuser & G5 Adaptor Kit

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I was running 5 of these on my tank which was overkill. I finally decided to remove two. Purchased April 15th, Installed April 22nd, and removed today. I used it for at 35% on the AB+ template for a 10 hour cycle (4 hours at max 35% each day). Comes with every single thing as if it were new; every last screw, bolt etc. Fully updated and factory reset, ready for mobious detection. No issues.

- XR30 G5 Blue
- RMS Arm w/ all 3 length extension rails (fits G4)
- RMS arms adaptor kit for G5 mounting
- Diffusers

Sept 4th 2020 Manuf Date.

PRICE DROP 10/30 $SOLD for everything, shipped to your door within the lower 48.



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