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Jul 3, 2020
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I’ve been doing a lot of research on elevating PH in my nano tank and decided to experiment with a CO2 scrubber. I have a 29G nano reef with a 10G sump and an Icekap K1-nano skimmer. My PH runs in the range of 7.70 - 7.85 without any PH mitigation (other than open windows while it’s nice outside).
I have a pretty small tank stand and very little room for extra equipment so I had to find a container that was short and wide and would fit inside my drawer compartment. Introducing, the Egg Drop Soup CO2 Scrubber!

While looking through my wife’s container collection I found these takeout, 16oz containers. They are all from the same restaurant, but I noticed they were all slightly different and some of them didn’t stack quite flush. These two stacked in a way that leaves about 3/4” of space at the bottom which is perfect.
I drilled small holes in the lid and the bottom of the top container. Drilled a single large hole in the side of the bottom container. Then hot glued them together. The top cup will hold the CO2 media (which should arrive today). The bottom cup has room for a little bit of water and the intake hose from my nano skimmer.
This is mostly an experiment to see what a scrubber can do for my system and see how long the media will last. If it goes well, I already have plans for the next generation. Eventually I hope to bring in fresh air from the attic, and possibly install a larger scrubber container.
I’ll post more as the experiment goes along. Btw, I’m testing PH with a recently calibrated Pinpoint PH probe.
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