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Elos 100 and IM 50 lagoon

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Feb 24, 2008
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(setup 1) Asking 1500$ for everything. Would rather sell in one shot then piece by piece.
Elos 100 setup (tank, stand, sump) (will need return pump, some plumbing, skimmer)
ATI 36" 4 blub / led wifi powermodule - black
Teco tk1000 chiller
Custom clearview lid
1 x mp40 wes qd
neptune apex controller: (The head unit doesn't work so need to replace)
Gryphon c40 frag cutter ( need a blade)
Brand new aqua max reactor

(setup 2)
Brand new box
Innovative Marine 50 gallon lagoon EXT tank and stand still in box: Asking 1k

(setup 3)
Innovative marine 14 peninsula, Kessill A80 led light, live rock from kpaquatic: $200

located in 07675
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