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Apr 28, 2016
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Columbia SC

Hello Everybody,

Today we received negative customer feedback on our products and resellers, and in particular a store that goes by our name, ELOS AQUASTUDIO

ELOS AQUASTUDIO is a Trademark registered in the USA. and the CEO of ELOS America is the unique owner of that name. We did have agreements with some stores for them to use this name under conditions.These conditions have not been abided by for a long time (over 2 years) and their use of the name ELOS AQUASTUDIO has been forfeited. Because we did not want to upset the business of resellers who trusted us for many years here in the USA and in the world, we let our name be used as a sign of gratitude for the work done.

However, from the moment when our values in service and the quality of work is no longer respected, we can no longer allow the use of ELOS AQUASTUDIO, as we feel it must be a sign of Quality and Professionalism. Respecting these values will always be the most important thing for us, and we am sure that is true for you ALSO!
We are truly sorry if you, our valued customers, have had problems with stores selling ELOS products.

Since the New Warehouse Of ELOS in USA December 2016 . there is NO LONGER any official ELOS AQUASTUDIO store in the United States !

These stores that have not purchased ELOS Products for several years have been trying to sell online, their out of date inventory and the prices are very often too low . We cannot guarantee the viability of these products due to them being past expiration date.If you have any doubts about a store or an online retailer, we urge you to contact us directly to find out if that retailer is legitimate and will have fresh product to sell you. You can reach us By email and you can call us at anytime .
We are happy to let you know there are many points of sale that do an excellent job, and if you don't find a store near you that offers our products, we invite you to ask them to contact us so our team can of course make sure that your favorite are readily available. Please watch take a look at our Social Media for announcements about new retailers coming on board, contests and exciting news about our new products. Please pm us if you have any particular questions and we will be right back with you.

Of course New ELOS Aquastudio will soon open in the USA , already some ELOS Specialist are open and we will be the first to inform you.

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