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Aug 29, 2011
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North Texas
No kidding! Super frustrating between that and chaeto. I have enough to last for another month but may have to buy the separate components if nobody gets it in stock.
I don't think anyone has the separate components either. No one has TM salts or All for Reef. BRS has been saying they have a shipment coming for several weeks. Every week it gets pushed off to the next week.


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Sep 9, 2017
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Hope you have a source for All for Reef. Impossible to get for the last several months.
I just bought all the separate components to mix it myself - even the BRS diy kit has been out of stock...I managed to source everything in the amounts needed for the 10 liter batch from about 3 different places. I've always used the premixed so nervous about mixing but the tropic marin rep gave the recipe and says its the exact same as the premixed.

I use Fritz high alk salt, dose AFR and have to supplement my alk with Brightwell Reef Code B....my alk consumption right now is crazy for some reason.

Dose TM Bacto Balance and nopox daily. Aminos and trace elements every other day. Reef chili twice a week.

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