Equivalent Geismann Bulb for ATI


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Apr 20, 2019
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I recently acquired some Geismann T5 bulbs from a tank shut down.

I normally use ATI bulbs and was wondering how I can arrange the Geismanns to get equivalent spectrum.

I have
4-bulb fixture: 2 blue+, 1 atinic+, 1 purple+
6-bulb fixture: 4 blue+, 1 atinic+, 1 purple+

What Geisman combination can I put together to get them to be similar? Any help appreciated. Thank you.

Geisman: atinic blue, super atinic, super purple, aquablue azure, aquablue coral

My assumption is:
2 atinic blue, 1 super atinic, 1 super purple
4 atinic blue, 1 super atinic, 1 super purple
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