Experience level for Burgess Butterfly and Borbonius Anthias


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Mar 6, 2020
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Winnieland (AKA “People’s” Republic of China)
What would you say is the experience level required for these two kinds of deepwater fish? Are they easy to keep long term / are they especially prone to any diseases? Would love experience with them. Are Borbs best kept as singles, pairs or harems?

If you think they’re only for experienced aquarists I’d love suggestions for alternatives.

They’re not very boisterous fish so if I get them my plan is to have some small fish before them, I.E. Clown pair, damsels (Azure and Talbot’s), blenny etc. so that they will learn to get food from these other fish, but I will hopefully introduce them before my dwarf angels / larger angels.

If they’re fish that do well for a while then seem to wither away I won’t consider them.

P.S. Still trapped abroad and unable to go home. Covid is one bummer.....

I wish I could get Biota’s Borbonius but they don’t ship to anywhere in Asia.
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