Explanation on How Zoas Get Their Names


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Jan 6, 2016
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Lenoir City, Tennessee
This is a great write up. I was wondering how naming of zoas worked and have been considering building an website similar to lionfish lair's hitchhikers guide for identifying zoa morphs and showing the different names/vendors known to carry them.
Quick Question... If I was to do that, would there be any interest in such?
Cause that seems Like ALOT of work if no one would visit it

Karl smith

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Dec 24, 2018
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IMO corals that share names should be clones. Naming wild colonies the same as existing, established morphs just leads to dilution of what the name means. It makes it harder to get exactly what you're looking for. The only reason I care about names is so I can get a clone of a morph that is known to do well and keep great colors in captivity. If you sell a wild colony with that same name, IMO you are doing a disservice to the hobby. In all honesty, I avoid vendors that do that as much as possible.

Just my opinion, not meant as an attack, but this subject really bothers me (because I've been burned with falsely named corals that don't look half as good as the actual named piece).
Could anybody i.d this zoa

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