Fargo, North Dakota

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Sep 16, 2021
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West Fargo

Location within Fargo,ND is TBD. This depends on the number of people who RSVP/number of vendors who graciously help us grow the area.

Must be DRK member or guest of member unless your a vendor(sell coral, equipment, ect.) to attend.
Please RSVP if interested via our Facebook event invite, this helps with planning.


Setup starts at 11AM.
Event starts at 1PM.
Event Ends at 4PM.
This is a FREE event!

***This is currently a home hosted event, with the possibility of the event moving to a commercial shop depending on interest. Therefore the address will be posted closer to the event. Please RSVP if interested! https://fb.me/e/QfjDxX6H

This is our first member only frag swap hosted by Dakota Reef Keepers(DRK). This is the best place to meet other hobbyists, score some deals, and talk saltwater.

There will be:
-Prizes raffled off(Must be present to win)
-Free water testing(Salinity, Ammonia, NO2, NO3, PH, KH, Ca, Mag, and PO4)
-Free snacks & drinks(While supplies lasts)
-Advise from local experts

For more information or to become a vendor, please contact [email protected]or message one of the admins on DRK Reef2Reef or Facebook.
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