Favias, Favias, Favias... Underrated Beauties

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Dec 25, 2013
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Favias, Favias, Favias... Underrated Beauties

So... what about favias? Well, they come in all sorts of colors, grow fairly decent, are fun to feed, and are relatively easy to care for. Think of any color in the rainbow, and there's definitely a favia that fits that spectrum. There's a whole bunch different shapes that they come in and each one has their own "special" needs (mostly lighting and space, watch those sweepers!). The different variations in body shape is as fascinating to watch grow as seeing different acropora structures take off. Some grow smooth, while others grow large "eyes" and ridges. The colors they attain vary from the amount of lighting they take in with some preferring moderate light and some preferring very dimly lit tanks. Their sweepers and fleshy bodies add movement to an otherwise stale area of your reef. They're a popular recommendation for the intermediate reefer that's looking to get away from softies due to their low lighting and care needs (think of war coral, every store has them!). And for kicks and giggles, you can feed them fleshy foods and watch them engulf a meal. Feeding fish is fun, and feeding coral is just as fun (especially when you have someone who isn't in the hobby watch. "WHAT?! CORAL EAT THINGS?!?!?!")
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