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Aug 27, 2012
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So I thought I'd share my new feeding sheet. I didn't make this but did a simple five minute mod. I had a Two Little Fished Magnetic Feeding ring only problem is my Neptune AFS was dumping half of the pellets outside of the ring.

Part of the problem was my tank is euro braced and the ring when attach by the magnetic clip wasn't long enough.

Also I have two reef savvy ghost over flows on my 72 inch tank. So where the feeder is located some pellets were going directly down the over flow.

So I found a guy on etsy that was selling 3d printed rings or in this case a 8.5×11 sheet. I had to take off the clip off of the Two Little Fishes Magnetic feeder and then glue his clip to it. But it appears that it is functioning as I wanted it too. 100% falls on the ring/sheet now.

So just wanted to share. Works great for a large reef tank with euro bracing. 20220110_161623.jpg


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