Fighting over boss role of my 130 gallon tank.


Purple or ringtail?

  • Purple tang

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  • Ringtail tang (ghost)

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Jul 19, 2021
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My purple tang and ringtail tang are fighting over who can be boss. Purple tang and Ghost (ringtail) were both previous bosses. Purple tang was a aggressive boss, and made nearly every fish in the tank scared of him. Ghost was really peaceful and when purple tang was taken out of his tank due to too much fighting, Blue tang controls now his own tank. I only just got the 130 gallon tank and moved everyone in it. (expect that blue tang and his other tank around 60 gallons) Any "who's most likely to.." guesses or who may become the newest boss? Tangs are always the bosses of the tanks for me, I have 6 tangs. Bristletooth,Purple,Blue,Foxface,Bignose unicornfish,BABY blue tang (different than other blue tang). Triggerfish is also part of their little pack. Blue and foxface do not live in 130. They live in the one around 60 gallons (a reminder) Baby blue tang is in 130 gallon tank. Tangs will usually form a pack around the tank and get algae together. Suprisingly as I said, my humu humu triggerfish decides to join in with them and is a good mate with them.
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