Fiji Cube LoPro External Overflow Box (400 GPH) on a rimmed tank?

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Feb 19, 2020
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Has anyone use one of these? I am considering putting one on a 20 gallon long Aqueon rimmed tank. (The dang thing will cost the same as my tanks and stand...)

I'm concerned about:
1. Can the water level be just above the bottom of the rim (so you don't see the water line)?
2. Will the wet side rise beyond the inner lip where one would put a screen (will I have to do a cut out for it)?
3. The removing of the wet side... gimmick or a good way to break glass or?

Experiences in general... I have a synergy reef overflow on a rimless cube, has been great.


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Feb 16, 2018
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I just purchased the 1200 for a 90g and installed it a few days ago. Lots of scratches on the acrylic on the inside of the box (not a big deal to me but still shouldn't have left the factory that way, looks like they used a scrap piece of acrylic) and it comes with a stupidly oversized hole template that's much bigger than the hole saw you use, though you can make it work without too much fuss. The 1.5" bulkheads are fine, but the 1" drain bulkheads are crap quality. Id give it 2 1/2 stars / 5 based on the price you pay.

Not particularly impressed with the Fiji Cube overflow (I like thier glass tanks though), but they are gonna cost about the same anywhere you look. If I did it over again id probably get the Eshopps since I already have the hole saws and that seemed to be the only difference in packages.

I have it mounted on a rimmed tank and it sits about an inch below the frame. It comes with a template so you can adjust where on the glass you want to install it. I can see the seperation feature being nice if/when you want to clean the overflow portion. Havent plumbed it yet, but dont anticipate any leaks or issues, it comes with two sets of gaskets.


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