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Mar 15, 2022
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United States
Hey everyone! I figured it was time to make one of these. I began the hobby with a 20Long and it became my frag tank now and my 36 bow front is my new tank.

My frag tank is all budget build for the most part.
-Current USA set up wave pump and lights
-HOB filter with bio balls and carbon
-Live Sand and Some rock

It’s pretty basic and my weekly maintenance is a 5 gallon water change. Although I’ve been having trouble with my ATO and my salinity did drop a bit but now I’m keeping up with it since I have more sensitive Euphyllia over zoas

I got into the hobby thinking I’m only doing zoas. I have quite a few but that completely changed and I am in loved with Lps, Shrooms (specifically jaw breakers) on the hunt for some of those.

My dream with this tank is to have a frag to go into my “show tank” and a copy mother colony in the frag tank sell frags to somewhat fund the hobby. Salt, water, equipment, etc although I’m not counting on it with how much of a coral addict I am now.

I’ll shut up and post some crappy photos. My happiest moments are that LPS (I got all of them today besides Duncan) are opening for the most part within a few hours. Also my 2 frags of ricordea which I cut and my sbb Aphrodite zoas that I fragged!
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