Fish additions to 50 gal clown tank

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Aug 13, 2020
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New Jersey
New plan. As in love with wrasses as I am, I started to realize how overly complex I was getting with fish stocking choices and getting ahead of myself. I really wanted the exotic and the beautiful, but I’m worried I’m not ready to care for them.

we’ve reconsidered and decided we want to try to have 100% captive bred beginner type fish.

with that in mind our new stocking choice is :
1 cb dwarf coral beauty angel
1 cb yellow watchman
1 cb orchid dottyback
1 cb canary blenny
1 tiger pistol shrimp

I think with the space this should be ok with the clowns. I’ll spend the extra money on developing my refugium skills :)
Should go well!

i cant think

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Sep 1, 2021
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Due to full growth/activity/aggression? I have yet to receive the fish I want to make sure I’m making good decisions. These are long term new buddies :)
I find CBAs to be on the more aggressive side in smaller tanks, the best angels to go with are:
C. acanthops
C. argi
C. aurantonotus
C. fisheri
C. flavipectorsalis
C. joculator
C. resplendens
C. multicolor

I’m pretty sure C. multicolor and C. joculator come from rather deep water so most specimens may need cooler water.
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