Fish Restock and Update!

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Mar 12, 2021
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Chattanooga, Tennessee
We've added a bunch of new fish to the site recently and restocked on some old favorites including White Tail Yellow Eye Bristletooth Tangs, Powder Blue Tangs, Powder Brown Tangs, Blue Tangs, Naso Tang, Sohal Tangs, Coral Beauty Angelfish, Unicorn Tangs, Foxface Lo Rabbitfish, Purple Firefish, Helfrich's Firefish, Kupang Damselfish, Bi-Color Blennies, Lawnmower Blennies, Royal Grammas, Bimaculatus Anthias, and Randall's Anthias.

Our Salty Lagoon also gained some new residents. Incredible selection of Clownfish including Captive Bred Ocellaris, Captive Bred Snowflake Flurry, Captive Bred Platinum Picasso, Captive Bred Maroon Lightning, Captive Bred Mocha Storm, and Captive Bred Orange Storm as well as Coral Beauty Angelfish, Fiji Clown Gobies, Flame Angelfish, Gem Tangs, Golden Lined Rabbitfish, Pajama Cardinals, Powder Brown Tangs, Sailfin Tangs, Scopas Tangs, Spotted Unicorn Tangs, and more! These fish are held for upwards of 4 weeks before transferring them out of our hypo/copper quarantine into a 30PPT holding system for sale online. We inspect the fish for signs of illness, treat when and where necessary, and get them fed proper (we don't skimp out on the feed!).

And don't forget to check out our ever-growing collection of Marine Fish Care Guides and Coral Care Guides

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