Flow for 120 Peninsula (48"x24"x24") Looking for recommendations

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Jun 19, 2019
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I plan on keeping a mixed reef. Probably will place SPS closer to the overflow and LPS further away. There will be 3 islands and it is going to be a negative space scape.

I have 4 ideas currently, and I'm not sure which would suffice. If someone has another idea, I'm all ears!

1. 2x Ecotech MP40's, one on each side of the overflow on the glass.
2. 2x Neptune WAV's (I don't have an APEX currently) same configuration as above.
3. 2x Cheap water movers for by the overflow box (4000gph each), and 1x Maxspect Gyre XF350 on the other end as high up as possible. Is that overkill?
4. 2x ReefOcto 4's. Cheap, random flow, water movement. Love Octo stuff.

I really want to avoid adding anything to the other end of the tank, but I know that is the plight of the peninsula tank. Will 2 MP40s, or even MP60s be enough to suffice? I don't have a limit on budget, but I don't want to spend frivolously either.

I love the maintenance of the Vortechs, but I don't like the price. I am running radions currently, so having one portal for lights and flow is nice.
The WAVs look really intuitive, especially since I plan on going APEX in the future. Tons of bad reviews on them, though?
The gyres low profile and style is just... cool. Wires in the tank certainly make it easier to manage, but it is still a 1.5" magnet. Not sure how high to the waterline these can be placed?

I've read about people mounting 2 gyres vertically by the overflow, but I don't see how that doesn't kick up a major sandstorm?
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Feb 17, 2020
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I have a 140G peninsula and I run a COR20 for the return with RFG caps, and an IceCap 1K gyre attached to the overflow box and a 2K gyre at the far end. The 2K on the far end is limited to 50-65% and the 1K is 100% on the reverse and 25% on the forward rate. gives good changing turbulent flow in the tank, few of my Hammers on the far end ae a little agitated at eh flow coming out to the end and then down on them so I've been playing with it a little.

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