FMAS July 27th, 2021 Zoom Meeting


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Aug 14, 2013
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Join FMAS for another ZOOM meeting!
Another MACNA Speaker
July 27th, 2021 @7pm
Speaker: Lou Ekus CEO of Tropic Marin
Topic: Reef Chemistry
Location: Zoom Meeting at your house
Speaker Bio:
Lou Ekus has been actively involved in the marine aquarium industry for over 22 years. He frequently works with aquarists, helping them with system issues big and small from large public aquariums to 1 gallon nano reefs.
Lou has been a saltwater aquarist most of his life. As an adult, he designed and built a multi-tank system in his home consisting of a 150 gallon mixed reef tank, a 150 gallon community fish only tank and a 90 gallon predator tank. This system also incorporated a custom lighting and filtration system all designed and built by Lou. Due to time and travel constraints, Lou has downsized and is enjoying the easy care of a 150 gallon African Cichlid tank and a small 29 gallon species specific grow out tank (soon to be converted to a Mangrove ecosystem).
CEO of Tropic Marin USA and along with his wife, Leslie, are responsible for all Tropic Marin product support and aquarist assistance in the US and Canada. Lou and Leslie have recently taken on the management of Aquarium Munster USA as well.
Lou is an avid saltwater fly fisherman, holds a commercial hot air balloon license and is an antique car enthusiast, taking trips in a 1931 Ford Roadster, named Irma, with Leslie. There’s no telling where the three of them will show up!

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What is the best "cleaning product" or home recipe for cleaning reef tank equipment?

  • Water and scrubbing

    Votes: 53 12.7%
  • Citric Acid

    Votes: 208 49.8%
  • Vinegar

    Votes: 131 31.3%
  • Hydrogen peroxide

    Votes: 10 2.4%
  • Lemon Juice

    Votes: 1 0.2%
  • Other (please explain)

    Votes: 15 3.6%