Fragging a Leather Coral


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Jun 7, 2020
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Hey everyone, I am fairly new to hobby only been at it for a year. I have a 13.5 fluval evo and a 40 gallon C-VUE cobalt. My tanks are great, my fish are healthy and my corals are growing really fast with bright colors and growth. They have been growing so much that it is now time to start fragging some of my zoanthids and leather corals. I have never fragged a leather coral before and just wanted to make sure that my process of doing it is correct. I have watched lots of videos and read up on it. Essentially when I frag it am I just taking a little piece of of it and just trimming it back like a bush. If their any special tricks that people have or is this basically it. My plan was take a couple pieces off the top outside that are over growing and place them on frags. I was going to either glue down or use a rubber band to hold onto frag. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks.
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Mar 22, 2012
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Sayreville, NJ
It's been years since I've had leathers, but back in the day (darn, I'm starting to sound like my father), we would frag the leather in a small container of tank water (using scissors), because when injured, they release a toxin. They also slime when injured. Once fragged, they would go back into the DT while running carbon. That said, let's see if the #reedsquad can add more info here.

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