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May 2, 2019
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Pittsburgh, PA
It's time to give my tank a good trimming, so looking to sell or trade some frags. I have some stuff with frags ready to go, and others would need to be fragged to order. If you want to trade for coral, fish, CUC, equipment, or reefing supplies or anything else just let me know what you have and we can set up a trade :)

Blue Stylo
Cactus coral (Pavona)
JF Crybaby zoas
Fire and Ice zoas
Green Goblin Anacropora
Green Monti Cap
Green Slimer
Green hammer-purple tips
Marbled Hammer
Red Monti Cap
Trumpet coral
Turbinaria (vase coral)
Watermellon Zoas

Birdsnest.jpg Blue Stylo.jpg Cactus Colony.jpg Crybaby Zoas.jpg Fire and Ice Zoas.jpg Green Goblin Anacropora.jpg Green Monti Cap.jpg Green Slimer.jpg Hammer Colony.jpg Marbled Hammer.jpg Red Monti Cap.jpg Trumpet Colony.jpg Turbinaria.jpg Watermellon Zoas.jpg
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