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Free beautiful reef fish and some equipment, must go, Huntington


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Jul 19, 2020
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Huntington, LI, NY
Hi all. I've actually been in the hobby since 2005 but I am done. I live in Huntington near the harbor. I don't want to take pics to show you how embarrassingly dead everything in the tank is after a crash last year. I tried and tried but I give up.

1. The following are FREE to a good home:
-1x Percula clown (don't remember if it's false or true) and an LTA that might not make it, but they are hosted
-1x eye spot watchman goby
-1x green chromis
-1x greyhead wrasse (beautiful rainbow colors, curious and active)
(all are between 4-6 yo and are healthy, no ich, nothing new has been in tank in 2-3 years)

2. For sale, will let go for $100
-JBJ 28g tank hood, wifi version, amazing, but you need that tank for it to work properly. About 2-3 years old

3. Willing to let go free for parts but it is useless as a setup, has leaks:
-28g jbj tank with small skimmer and stand (water damage)...if you're willing to cart the stuff off. I do not have a car big enough to fit these items.

I'm a disabled vet and a high school teacher. It's sad to see this end but I want these beautiful fish to be rescued. Message me. Not sure giving a number is safe...bots?