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FS: A few nice acro frags, local pick up only in SF Bay Area, no shipping.



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Sep 6, 2018
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Selling frags of a few of my favorite acros. Aquacultured by me from my mother colonies. No photoshop. PM or text me if interested. Check my build thread for colony pics. WYSIWYG.

**Note: Due to the current restrictions & social distancing requirements in the Bay Area, this can be a completely touch-less transaction. Payment can be electronic with curbside pickup.

No shipping, local pick-up in San Ramon, CA only!

1. JF Jolt $Sold
2. CB Maleficent $Sold
3. RRU Pink Floyd $Sold
4. PC Superman $Sold
5. JF Homewrecker $Sold
6. Bubba's Blueberry Wine $Sold
7. RMF Acid Trip Milli $Sold
8. CC Hayfever $Sold
9. Battlecorals Secale $Sold

Discounts for packs 3+

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Reef Brite the professionals choice