FS: Zoa Frags: LSOH, Death Stars, Bowsers, Koala Eye, Krak, + More


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Mar 30, 2017
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Lots of Zoa frags available for sale, you can see the list below and PM me of your selections. I have multiples of everything ready to go(1 polyp, 2polyp, 3 polyp, etc). I can accommodate your request and make almost any size frag you choose provided I have enough available. Pics are some of what is on the list, I will provide exact photos of the frags you get before shipping.

Discounts on multiple polyps available

Shipping Info:
Shipping is $55 via FedEx Priority Overnight.
Standard 2 hour DOA policy (Pictures of DOA corals in bag required).

Alice in Wonderland $10 per polyp
Armor of God $10 2-3 polyps
Bambams $10 2-3 polyps
BBEB $10 2-3 polyps
Bowser's $25 per polyp
BSA Sticker Shock $35 per polyp
Buttmuchers $35 per polyp
Dragon Slayers $35 per polyp
Electric Oompa Loompa $25 per polyp
HR Death stars $150 per polyp
LC Mystique $10 3-4 polyps
Goblin Fire $10 2-3 polyps
Little Shop of Horrors $120 per polyp
Lunar Eclipse $10 per polyp
Nightmares $10 2-3 per polyps
Psychosis $30 per polyp
Rainbow Incinerators $10 per polyp
Rastas $10 2-3 polyps
Red Hornets $10 per polyp
RR Koala Eye $50 per polyp
Salted Agaves $15 per polyp
Simpson Donut $20 per polyp
Space Chaos $20 per polyp
Speckled Krak $60 per polyp
Spitfires $10 per polyp
Stiggy Marley's $30 per polyp
TGC Beauty & The Beast $30 per polyp
Tinkerbells $10 per polyp
Utter Chaos $15 per polyp (Big and Fat strain)
Vampires $25 per polyp
WWC AOI $20 per polyp
WWC Bloodsuckers $10 3-4 polyps
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