Fuzzy Eggs/Cocoon Identification


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Dec 14, 2021
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I have these white/gray fuzzy eggs/tubes/cocoons within my rockwork. Mostly in the lower 1/3 of the rocks but quite deep in crevices. They are about 5 millimeter long and shaped like a piece of rice. I can't suck them out, if I can even reach one, I only manage to tear off the front, nothing comes out and nothing has hatched to this point.
I have, a six line wrasse, two clowns, a tailspot, a cardinal fish, 1 astrea snail, 2 nassarius snails, 1 turbo snail, 1 star astrea and several hermits.
My six line wrasse and I have eradicated all hitchhikers in this 6 month old tank.
Any idea what this could be?

20G Nano
Ai Prime & AI Nero3
Canister filter with media & chaeto reactor
Nitrate 0.0 (i'm working raising this)
Phos 0.0 (i'm working on raising this)
PH 8.1
Alk 8
Calcium 380
Mag 1900 (can't get it any lower)

fuzzy1.jpg fuzzy2.jpg
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