For sale Garage clean up. Radion XR30 G1

Used Radion XR30 G1. New Kessil 24" gooseneck.
This item has been sold and is no longer available!

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Got this a year ago for my project. Since there's a change of plan, I need to sell this.

Radion XR30 G1. Brand new Kessil 24" gooseneck. Custom 3D printed adapter (in two colors as previous owner ran out of black and finished in white. Reminds me a X-File logo)

Acrylic top has a crack in it but doesn't affect the operation or the buttons. In storage for 4 years.

Asking $190 shipped to CONUS only. Paypal preferred. Local pick up are welcomed as well. RadionXR30G1.1.jpg

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