G'day from Aus! Newbie here... and to fishtanks... and to seahorses!


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Apr 21, 2021
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Hi all!
I'm dee_es and I hail from Australia.
A few years ago, I looked after a friend's seahorses while they went on an extended holiday. I did this to help, as well as because she had seahorses! I have wanted seahorses for about forever! The only experience I have with fish is a couple of goldfish in a bowl when I was in high school - a long time ago!
Our family were smitten and the bug bit.
We looked for a second hand tank that would be suitable. We were given a really large one but it wasn't high enough. Not a problem; we now have a beautiful freshwater tank with some beautiful fish. It's a peaceful tank which I love.
My partner then bought a tank for his home office and added cichlids. This is not a tank I enjoy due to the aggression in the tank. It's exploded with a bunch of babies though...
We have a tank which we set up in about September last year. It has a snail and a few random things that we assume come out of the live rock - they disappear as soon as they arrive! Some new to us inhabitants appeared today as I cleaned part of the tank! We think they are shrimps - possibly ghost shrimp - but I will post a photo to ask about them.
I came to this site to ask for a possible recommendation to a vet who would work on seahorses. On reading about medications for seahorses and gas bubble issues, I realised that if the problem was emphysema and not gas bubbles, I wouldn't know how to distinguish the two and wouldn't have a vet on hand to get the seahorse to. I've now found a vet who is an exotics vet and so am going ahead with looking at where to get clean up crew so that I can then get my seahorses. I'll be getting the seahorses - Reidi - from seahorse-australia.com. They have been so helpful with my questions for which I am SO grateful!
I will post more, including photos, when I am able to.
I am grateful to be part of this forum; thank you for that.
Speak soon, dee_es

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Apr 29, 2014
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Central Florida, USA
Welcome to Reef2Reef!!!

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Oct 12, 2020
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Punta Gorda
Welcome to the salty family!! We're glad you are here. You seem like a very thoughtful and methodical person. Those are good traits in reefing. You will make an awesome seahorse parent!
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