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Oct 9, 2019
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Hi everyone..!!!

Easy Reefs is the division for aquariums of the company Fitoplancton Marino S.L.

We are located in a privileged geographical area, with Atlantic and Mediterranean climatic influence, which allows us to obtain raw materials of a very high biological value.

All of our vegetal raw materials are produced in our Fitoplancton Marino production plant and the zooplanktonic raw materials in the 11300 Ha of our Veta La Palma facilities in the Doñana Natural Area (Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve). We have lyophilizers in each of the facilities to ensure lyophilisation with maximum freshness of the ingredients, so that we move from nature to the aquarium in perfect nutritional conditions.


This is why we have the opportunity to harvest some of our raw materials here, as there is a vocation in the business group to give value added to our raw materials and is constantly developing innovation for nutrition for both humans and animals, functional foods and many others.

We use the natural resources of our facilities in a sustainable way. We are fortunate to own a treasure of nature and have the duty to take care of it as it deserves and share it to the best of our ability.

What makes Easyreefs unique?

The capacity to produce and control our own raw materials, the interdisciplinary technological capacity of our group, the means and the facility of research within our reach, the cooperation for many years with Universities, Public Aquariums, Research Centres and large private facilities.

06.09.2021 (4).JPG

Likewise the scientific preparation of our staff and a little bit of madness in order to not to close ourselves to any idea of improvement without considering whether it will give much or little economic benefit, further ,we develop research projects for companies, we have the lines of nutraceuticals, human food... This allows us to have in our facilities two molecular biology laboratories that provide us with a lot of information.

Easy Reefs also work with conservation projects, we have contributed to create an area of artificial reefs in Sumatra in a marine reserve managed by the reefers oceanographic association (R.O.A), and recently we have collaborated In a research project on heterotrophic feeding in primary corals, the investigations were carried out in the laboratories of FUNDEMAR, we are currently still collecting data. We also have a captive breeding program, we collaborate with companies such as @Biota_Marine , both in the design of new foods for specific species and in the supply of bioactive to favour captive breeding.

Thank you all, comment, share and follow us on our social networks!!

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