Getting out of hobby tank and equipment for sale


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Dec 3, 2022
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collierville TN
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I’m located in Collierville and getting out of the hobby. I’m looking to sell a water box 100.3 with white cabinet and glass sump. I also will be selling all the equipment I have with it including 2 kessil a360 lights, ecotech marine vectra pump, a skimz monster skimmer, and some other assorted testing and filtering equipment. If you are interested reply to this post and I can send you more info/pictures. At this point I’m desperate to get rid of the tank and understand that I’ll never recoup my initial investment (even though everything I’m selling is in perfect condition and less than 3 years old) so I’m open to hearing your best offers as far as price goes. I will even consider offers of next to nothing provided you can come get it quickly and will pay for/do all moving from my third floor no elevator apartment yourself.