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Nov 29, 2016
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In-The-Boro, TN

All in one Package Deal $600.00

Currently (empty) running fresh water

1) Red Sea Max S-400, sold as stock with it's T5 canopy
Includes factory 6 gallon ATO "built in" water reservoir
Factory color Merlot, with an factory clear coat finish

2) Brand new, never used S-Series manifold

3) S-400 upgrade, LED mounting bar

4) Hardly used Finnex 900 watt titanium heater with controller

5) Red Sea / Sicce S-Series return pump

6) broke, Batch 3 Alkatronic / Needs to be shipped to CoralVue for an estimate

7) 2 new Eheim 500gph recirc. pumps in the S-400's overflow box

8) Red Sea ReefWave-45

9) Used, for one week / Reef Octopus BR-110 Biopellet Reactor

10) 2022 Deltec 1000ix protein skimmer

11) 2015 Bubble King Gen3 160 RDX protein skimmer / skims like new
(May need to get a nylon replacement screw, from Royal Exclusiv USA)

Local buyers with deep interest only / contact via PM

Price drop… $250.00:astonished-face:

Would like to get this setup out of our home, so that I have the room to bring my wife’s roll top desk back into our den.
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  • Just getting to be with tons of other reefers! I love the reef community!

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  • Seeing all the awesome equipment!!

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