Getting the rest of my rocks and an ai prime, what next?


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Sep 30, 2019
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So I’m getting the rest of my rocks this week, going with more cycled and a bit of ready to drop dry as well, and am picking up either the older hydra, or the new ai prime, and wouldn’t mind grabbing some sort of coral.
I really want frogspawn or hammer, zoas and Palys, and some other lps stuff.
What would be ok to go ahead and add, if any, this week?
Right now it’s just around 10 lbs of rock or so, and 2 t5 bulbs, plus the 2 small clowns.
Levels are perfect, zero ammonia or nitrates, very little nitrates showing on test.

If I can’t safley get one when I grab the lights, what’s the timeframe I should be looking at here.
I know this isn’t a rush into it hobby,, but I have a cycled tank and will be getting more of the same rock (cycled in a lifeless tank just ammonia to keep the rock rolling)
Seems like I should atleast be close to ready for something right?
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Jan 29, 2019
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Oxford, Pennsylvania
Toadstools and mushrooms are great first corals. Paly's too.

With the proper light and having been fully cycled, there are quite a few corals you could probably keep alive.
Thing is, they don't really grow. They just stay alive and drive you crazy trying to fix and adjust things to make them grow.. lol. Seems like the 4-6 month range is kinda when the tank is ready to start growing coral. Point being, you're not "losing time" by waiting.

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